I spent the year I turned 30 in Halifax, Nova Scotia—on the other side of my country. That was 2011 and 2012, and it does my heart good to see Open Heart Forgery is still going.

Their free poetry zine was available all over the city, but I recall picking it up most often at the Spring Garden Library. There was an old wooden magazine rack in the foyer with more than just the typical tourist brochures. Locals left their zines and pamphlets and art there (I left a few of my own, too).

OH is focussed on writers from the city, and now, extending out to the rest of the province. As I scan over the poems from this February 2012 collection, I see Nova Scotia. There’s Georges Island and drifting fog. There’s slummy apartments and the farmers market. Of course, there’s also a poem about lobster.

OH is also an oddity of my collection, a tri-fold pamphlet, printed landscape on legal size paper. The front flap is folded only halfway, a door left ajar, inviting strangers to come inside.