Sometimes you find the thing you need exactly when you need it. I’ll admit, I haven’t been excited about writing these reviews, and it’s not even halfway through the month. Quantifying why a person loves a book can temper a bit of that love.

Sometimes there aren’t words.

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfucking Sad is a bestselling zine. I’ve read it many times since I bought it. I think I’m due to read it again.

There is advice that comes from doctors, advice that comes from loved ones, and inevitably, advice that comes from strangers. But none of it means the same as advice that comes from people who have been in the same dark place that you have. We know it best, and those of us who know the way out try to offer a hand down.

That’s this book. It’s short. It’s easy to read. It’s exactly what it says on the cover. It might be able to help.