At Euzine 2018, I shared my table with a comics artist based in LA, Kevin Uehlein. He’s a veteran; I’m a rookie, and he was so generous with advice and stories. When tabling at shows like these (I’ve done traditional craft fairs before), you never know what kind of booth neighbours you might get for the day. I was very lucky.

Over the course of the day, we traded nearly everything on our tables. Perhaps my favourite of his books was Compulse 11. Printed on vellum, transparent sheets, and coloured paper, it’s an artist’s sketchbook in miniature. The pages are different sizes, too. It’s a scrapbook in more ways than one.

The cover is a desert campfire under the stars. Inside are faces drawn over and over. Kevin’s signature character is a rat (his blog is called Rodent Protagonist), and there are also dogs, cats, wolves—all in a Golden Age of Animation style—and wrestlers, too, another topic of our conversation.

So many of the zines in my library came to me by personal connections. I love having a story beyond the pages.