While I visited a friend in DC, I had the chance to join her on a very short trip home to the Chicago suburbs. On a day we spent in the city, I found a comics and zine shop and picked up a few things by local artists.

Alamo Igloo #17 seems compiled from the cutting room floor. Scraps of screenprints, all sizes and colours, folded and stapled to make a book. The cover is neon pink and blue (a favourite colour combination of mine). The prints are all over, cut off at the edges, creatures hiding in the patterns.

But this zine has a better story to go with it now. The bright cover attracted a 4-year-old girl who attended one of my zine workshops at the public library. She wanted to make a copy—every page! She worked diligently, tracking down each colour out of my pencil crayons, drawing the comics and shapes freehand.

The best way to learn how to make art is to copy the masters.