Though I had been the kind of kid who made books when I was younger—the crafty kind, the bookish kind, the indoor kind—the zine which sent me down this path is Ker-bloom! Nearly a decade ago, I happened to catch word of a zine tour stop in Vancouver. artnoose of Ker-bloom! and Tomas Moniz of Rad Dad did a reading at a second floor bookshop downtown (I cannot recall the name).

I had just enough money to buy one zine, and I chose #92 of Ker-bloom! because the cover is a cat composed of typography. The ears are upside down Vs. The mouth is a cursive W. Inside is a story about Orange Kitty, a stray who comes to visit, comes to stay.

Ker-bloom! has been published every two weeks since the late ‘90s. That’s a feat by any measure, but then I tell you it’s handset and made on a printing press. It’s a veteran of the scene, a worthy role model to which aspire.

I’ve only made the first issue of my planned monthly zine. I hope I can live up to Ker-bloom!