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Welcome to summer! July, to be precise. When I logged into Mailchimp this evening, I discovered an update with the subject line: September. I never sent it; you probably noticed.

Since I was a kid, I have read every book I could find in every local library about how to start a business, how to be a writer, how to make money and stay independent. My what has changed over the years (though it’s always been about words), but my why is constant: independent.

An email newsletter is nearly step #1 in every one of those books–or a close second behind “have a website.” But I don’t want to send a bunch of links to read or watch. I have too much of that in my life already.

After six months of daily life blogging, I’ve moved to daily blogging on monthly projects. In June, I wrote a poem a day. If you missed it, I’ve gathered them together into a tiny book you can download.

In July, to celebrate International Zine Month, I’m writing reviews from my personal zine library.

Along with the email updates, I’ve also embraced Instagram. Social media isn’t perfect, but it’s where my friends are. I thought I had deleted my original account, but discovered it was only deactivated. You can follow me @factsarenothing for paper ephemera and selfies.

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