Austin Kleon pointed me to this pocket library from The Wandering Society: a collection of classic literature about walking, made into mini-zines, meant to be printed, folded, and carried on your own walks. I printed the lot a few weeks ago, and I brought the pages to my last Pen & Paper Club meeting, so I’d have something to fold.

All of them have the same cover, composition notebook-style, with the mottled paper, tape binding, and a simple bordered label. The print is very small, to accomodate the full text, and I’m not sure how well most people would be able to read them while out and about. But the idea is wonderful.

These zines would be best enjoyed on a park bench or a nice flat rock. There’s an essay by Virginia Woolf, selections of poetry from Walt Whitman and Robert Service, as well as a long piece by Henry David Thoreau, spread over four mini-zines. So many public domain works deserve to be back in print, even if we have to print them ourselves.