Sometimes, procrastination means getting other stuff done. I know a lot of writers who do the dishes instead of writing. Today, I tweaked my website. The subtitle on the GitHub page where the code lives reads, “It is a constant work in progress.”

Websites used to be a lot easier than they are today. Now, I have to check everything twice: on my laptop and my phone.

But beyond the code, I wanted a new selfie, a longer bio, new type and colours. I spent most of today thinking about how much or how little to write. I tend to fall at one or the other ends, never in the middle. My current Twitter bio is a row of emoji.

My current home page looks fine. Certainly better than the broken mess of float tags it was an hour ago. Hopefully better than this morning. Of course, there’s more to add, and even what’s up now will change tomorrow.

But I’m going to sleep, knowing at least I got something done today.