Ebooks borrowed from the library are a special kind of instant gratification. I get what I want, when I want, and I can carry it on my phone wherever I go. Instead of reading the internet, I can read a book, and that makes me feel virtuous.

I finished the last two books of the 10 poetry collections I borrowed last week. I have one more paperback on hold to pick up today. But then, I think, I’m going to try an experiment in June.

I’m going to stop reading, as much as I can. No books, no internet, as little email and as few texts as possible.

I’m giving up other people’s words, but not mine. I’m giving up the distraction in favour of focus. There are so many ideas I feel like I’m finally able to accomplish, if I just give myself the time and the space. Clear out the clutter in my brain, and who knows what might be possible?

This also means I’m going to stop blogging. For June, at least, I won’t be posting these short daily updates about life. But I don’t want to lose the habit, so I’m going to create a tiny daily project instead.

In the old school spirit of blogging, everything counts. It’s how I’ve been blogging since last September, since Tumblr, since Livejournal, since 2002 on blogspot.com. Post on top of post on top is post; consistency is the only way to build a body of work.