When I was eating vegan, I was surprised to find so few veggie burgers in restaurants. Since then, A&W and White Spot have both added new burgers. Tonight, I had my first chance to try White Spot’s Beyond Meat® burger.

It’s slightly too much for one bun: avocado, pickled onions, edamame purée, roasted corn for some reason?, as well as lettuce, tomato, and pickle. It’s a lot of flavours at once, which strikes me as an attempt to cover up a sub-par patty.

But the Beyond Meat® patty is great! The texture and flavour are indistinguishable from beef. There’s also a menu option to sub the patty into any other burger, so I think I’ll go with a classic Legendary next time.

A burger at White Spot is also the perfect time to indulge in french fries, bringing my year-to-date total up to 4. With all the veggies toppings, it was like getting a salad on the burger anyway, so I’m not feeling guilty about anything.