My parents graduated high school in the 1970s, and one of the only ways I feel jealous about that is they had real bands playing the music at dances. I was in high school during the 1990s, when the Video Dance Party had taken over. The centrepiece of my high school dances was a giant TV screen showing music videos in between MuchMusic interstitials and BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD clips.

My parents saw Heart play their high school dances, when the band was living in Vancouver at the very beginning of their career, where they recorded their first album.

I first read this quote on Wikipedia (it’s still there), and today I tracked the source to a 2007 interview with Believer magazine. This is Nancy Wilson recounting the story of the first time she and her sister saw The Beatles on TV.

But we didn’t want to marry them or anything—we wanted to be them.

Heart is the stereotype of a great ‘70s rock band: one voice, one guitar, and they wrote their own songs. That could describe Led Zeppelin. Except both the voice and the guitar in Heart belonged to women. When I look at my favourite music, I hear a lot of big voices—Neko Case, Kate Bush, Ann Wilson—and most of them are women.