1. Literally cannot believe the heat today. This week. It’s only May! I’ve showered twice because I’m sweating so much, and I didn’t do anything but sit on the couch and write.

  2. The heat is messing with all of us. A random grey cat from the neighbourhood climbed up on the porch to taunt our cats. He (and you’ll understand in a moment why I say “he”) sat on the top step, yowling for absolutely no reason. Dickens, our old lady cat, stood between him and the open door. She didn’t make a sound. Then she flopped down in front of him, turned her head away, and let him yell and yell. A feminist icon, seriously.

  3. Eventually, I had to use the broom to get him out of our yard.

  4. The last time I was here at my parents’s house was for our Easter dinner. My mom made an ice cream pie with pretzel crust, and I’ve been regretting not taking leftovers home ever since. So it was a very nice surprise to discover half the pie is still in the freezer, untouched since that night.

  5. I’m currently writing fiction, which, to be honest, has never been easy, though it’s always been my first love. The thing I’ve been doing since I learned how to write. The thing I still want to do when I grow up. At 3pm, my story was 3k words long. At 7pm, 3491 words. I love it; I hate it; I wish I knew how to quit you.