I’ve been rather impulsive with the library’s DVD collection. But I haven’t had a DVD player in years, and I’m enjoying the freedom of choice.

I can’t remember now why I went looking for THE HOLLOW CROWN, but I’ve been rewatching it all weekend. Shakespeare has been quiet in my life for a long while. Then last Wednesday, I started teaching MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT DREAM with a high school student. In my continuing updates to this blog, I’m onto posts from October 2010, when I was planning to write a NaNoWriMo novel about a Shakespeare festival.

For those of us who studied English literature, he’s always there, somewhere in the back of our minds, waiting to be rediscovered again.

But I’m reading the Fitzgeralds right now and remembering how Tom Hiddleston, here playing Henry V, was so good as Scott in MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. Alison Pill played his Zelda, and I’m still angry they were stuck in a terrible Woody Allen movie.