Currently, I’m in the middle of reading three books by or about Scott or Zelda Fitzgerald.

Z is a hardcover and not portable. So I grabbed the paperback FLAPPERS from my bookshelf. It’s Scott’s 1920 collection of short stories. I have copies of TENDER IS THE NIGHT and THIS SIDE OF PARADISE, and honestly, I don’t remember which one I’ve read or if it’s both. I don’t have a copy of THE GREAT GATSBY, though it’s still my problematic fave. I know the criticism, but there are sentences in that book which I fell for when I was a teenager, and I’ll probably never grow out of that love. (Thankfully, I don’t love CATCHER IN THE RYE like I did in grade 11.)

So I’m reading the short stories on the bus and Z at home. The latter is a fictional take on Zelda, which sent me to the library, looking for her one novel. There’s only one version in the system: an ebook in which WALTZ is paired with Scott’s TENDER IS THE NIGHT. (WALTZ gets second billing, of course.) I keep forgetting I could be reading this on my phone.