Internet people are fanatical about Field Notes. I love the design, and the subscription model is clever, but they’re too small for how I use notebooks. I keep one book at a time, and everything goes into it. So I need some space. Recently, I’ve been using B6 (5x7) books, but 6x9 spiral notebooks used to be my go-to, the really cheap ones you can get at the dollar store. Field Notes are 3.5x5.5.

But because they’re the notebook of choice on the internet, I have a 3-pack from the XOXO festival to use. I started my new notebook on April 1 (I usually fill one a month). Today, April 26, I might reach the middle.

This isn’t a negative review. Any time you try something new, there’s a period of adjustment. I like the small size as a natural limit to keep my lists short—only as many items as lines on a single page.

Field Notes fans appear to be majority male. One reason, I believe, is they carry notebooks in their back pocket. It’s the perfect size. I wear women’s clothes, which, you might know, don’t often have pockets. But I like to carry a bag, and many of my favourites were purchased to fit previous notebooks. I don’t worry about cargo like people without bags.

Today, I’ll be heading out early for life drawing at the community centre. I’ll be carrying my Field Notes in a suede Travelers Notebook cover with a second Field Notes I keep separate for lists, a tall skinny book for my daily log, a 5x7 blank pad of paper, the composition book I sketched in last week, and maybe this 8.5x11 graph paper pad and cactus-print clipboard I’ve had on my coffee table for doodling this week.

Definitely wouldn’t fit in the pockets of even my favourite dress.