1. I bought a pair of Banker’s Boxes because they were on clearance and also a nice black and white pinstripe. Now I know they were on clearance because the black rubs off on your fingers every time you pick them up.

  2. I was gonna write about Beyoncé yesterday. I don’t have Netflix, but I bought the live album, and I’ve been listening to it all weekend.

  3. But then, while my library was on shuffle, I heard “Captain Jack,” and now I’m on a Billy Joel kick.

  4. One day, I’ll write a book about my parents’s record collection. Billy Joel was, seemingly, one of the ‘80s stars they still followed during their tiny children years. Most of the rest of their music is from before I was born.

  5. He gets dismissed as a gimmick—mostly on the back of “We didn’t start the fire” and fair—but when you put all his gimmicks together, it looks like musical experimentation, not novelty.

  6. Bowie created new personas to accompany albums; Paul Simon travelled the world; Madonna made the underground mainstream. But Billy Joel is the one derided. Because so many of his experiments come from his childhood?

  7. The internet was down all morning, which made it very easy to write this early.