!!Con talk proposal: How to make a zine! on your phone! every day! for a month!

In 2015, I made a zine every week. It usually took me all day, from paper to scanner to editor to a printable PDF. This August, I wanted to do something bigger. I still had an iPhone 5. And yet, I made a PDF zine every single day! on that tiny screen! in Pages! with my thumbs! Restraints and limitations lead to amazing art!

We always had computers in my house growing up. First was my dad’s Atari 2600, connected to our CRT TV. I got my first laptop, an IBM ThinkPad—my first computer that was only mine—as a high school graduation present. My current laptop is a 2011 MacBook Air, and over the last few years, I’ve avoided using it.

When depression is bad, everything is hard. Even sitting upright at a desk, staring down at a bright screen, using both hands to type. When you spend a lot of time in bed, you have to adapt your workflows.

I prefer to do a thing on my phone. I’m more likely to do it if I can do it on my phone. Every ePub I’ve posted over the last month: made on my phone, start to finish.

Some of us born in the early ‘80s feel caught between Generation X and Millennials. This feels like a very clear divide. If you reach first for your computer (especially one with a mouse), you might be Gen X. If you reach first for your phone, you’re probably a Millennial, like me.

2 minutes intro: yes, I really do make tiny books on my phone history: Atari to PC to ThinkPad to iBook to iPhone

2 minutes why this works for me: depression = adaptation, I genuinely prefer the touch interface

2 minutes Apps: Notes, Pages, camera roll workflow: multitasking, sharesheet

2 minutes Let’s make something together

2 minutes conclusion: GenX v. Millennials, mouse v. touch screen