My brother and his wife have been doing a spring declutter, and they offered up their Blu-ray player (because their Xbox plays discs, too). I have a 2011 MacBook Air and a PVR. Nothing in my house plays discs, not even CDs. That’s normal now, but when we were teenagers, my brothers and I bought a lot of CDs. OK, it was me; I bought a lot of CDs.

These days, I think most often about wanting to play discs when I’m at the library. The collection they have—popular films, foreign films, TV series, audiobooks, documentaries, short films—seems endless, and I always find something I want to see. When I’m cat sitting, I’ll borrow a few to watch at my parents’s house. Now I can do that anytime I want.

Last night, while waiting for someone (anyone!) to show up at Pen & Paper Club at the library, I browsed. I only had one film in mind, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME. I also found EVEREST, which is based on the same events of INTO THIN AIR (but on another survivor’s book). And then BURNT caught my eye, because I still miss Bradley Cooper’s TV series based on Anthony Bourdain’s first book.

It has me missing Blockbuster, and the Canadian chain, Rogers Video, a little bit. I spent a lot of my teenage years renting movies—not the popular ones on the outside walls, but the older ones in the stacks—dreaming about maybe making films. It’s just one more way to tell a story, which is all I’ve ever wanted to do.