It’s sunny today—kind of. There are bright white clouds where blue sky should be. It’s windy, too. But yesterday was raining and grey, so today is nice, in comparison. And it’s Sunday, all of which combines to make me think I ~should go out and do something.

But now it’s 1pm, and I still haven’t decided what I ~should do.

I was young when my granddad died, but I remember a lot about him. One of his favourite phrases he liked to say to me, which my own dad uses, too, was “Only boring people are bored.” It’s stayed with me, ingrained to the point where I feel bad when I’m bored. It feels like a personal failing.

I’m very good at doing nothing. It’s one of my favourite hobbies. And then I wonder why I’m single and I have no friends.

Now it’s 3:30pm, and I still haven’t decided what I ~should do. But at least I finished writing this post.