Because I write so much on my phone, I’ve recently been thinking about turning off autocorrect. The amount of time I spend fighting against it is beginning to outweigh the amount of time it saves me.

When I got my first iPhone (the 4 in 2010), I set my system language to English (UK) because that’s how I spell. (Canadian English is a delightful half/half situation where both US and UK dialects are understood and acceptable.) English (Can.) wasn’t an option then, but it is now. Except Apple’s version of English (Can.) is not my version of English (Can.), and it insists on changing all my “-ise” words to “-ize.”

And with Apple’s zeal to be a family-friendly company, they’ve de-prioritised a lot of everyday words that could be used in a sexual context. iOS will not autocomplete words like “menstruation,” “orgasm,” “vagina.” It doesn’t suggest something else, but it doesn’t offer the option once it knows what you’re typing.

I don’t want to fight just to write. I want my computer to make my job easier.