At my local community centre, you can buy 5 life drawing sessions for $40. You get a card to be punched each time you attend. It’s a good deal money wise, but also, having an unpunched card gives you an incentive to get up early and draw.

I had been putting it off for months. The sessions are 10am on Fridays, and I’m not a morning person. At least, I wasn’t. I am now, waking before 6 most days, and even getting out of bed has been easier. I blame all of this on my medication.

Another excuse I’ve been using not to draw is that I don’t have the right paper. I’ve filled all my good sketchbooks, and as far as blank paper, all I have is printer paper and cheap scratch pads. It’s silly, but for someone who knows and likes stationery, using the “wrong” paper feels wrong.

It’s not, of course, so I grabbed one of those scratch pads, some cut pieces of card, and the last of my giant newsprint, and I went to life drawing on Friday.

Then I remembered I also bought a ticket to Dr. Sketchy’s tonight. After months of not drawing, I’ve done a lot of it this weekend. I’m getting closer to something I like, a style that looks good to me. I know I can draw; I don’t feel hesitant about my talent.

But human faces, dammit, they’re still so hard.