I really did mean to write yesterday, but some new habits got in the way of the old ones. I’m trying to keep my phone out of my bedroom. However, I went ice skating for the first time in a year yesterday, and I crawled into bed early, tired and sore. The newest episode of SCHITT’S CREEK had me buzzing too much to sleep, so I was reading on my phone, despite my best intentions.

Then the clock ticked over to 10pm, and the Downtime I had set locked all my apps, forcing me to sleep. At that point, I could’ve got out of bed to write a post on my laptop in the living room. But I just didn’t want to. I was too comfortable to move.

That’s why my 2019 goal isn’t “blog every day.” Something will always come up and keep you from that promise. Better to set goals you know you can meet: “blog most days.” If you miss one, just get back on track.