I love clocks and calendars. For years, I tried to keep a paper planner, not because I was so busy that my life needed organising, but because I loved the idea of looking back on years of filled planners. Today is the first day of the month, my first day back in my apartment after catsitting, and it also feels a lot like the first day of spring outside.

I try to fill a notebook every month. Depending on the size, I usually get there. And because I’m turning over so many new pages today, I started a new book of lists to go with it. I revised my 2019 plan, marking a few done now that they feel like habits. (I don’t need a reminder to “blog most days” anymore.)

47 books finished this year. 8 queries (and 3 rejections). 4 workshops taught. Only 1 time eating French fries.

This morning, I got up, made breakfast, walked around the neighbourhood, had a shower, got dressed. Hopefully, I can do that again tomorrow.