I woke up thinking about pancakes and bacon. Though, honestly, I’m often thinking about breakfast. My favourite thing about working afternoons is the time for long, leisurely breakfasts.

I could’ve made pancakes this morning. There’s some yoghurt in the fridge that needs to be eaten. The bananas are good and ripe. But because I’m staying at my parents’s house, I don’t actually have to make anything.

I walked downstairs, opened the freezer, and found multiple plastic containers full of frozen pancakes. Not store-bought, but made by my mom and saved for later. My parents haven’t had kids living at home for four years now, and still my mom cooks like she’s still feeding a family of five.

I grabbed what I thought was a container of waffles, only to discover homemade pizza. I really want to do some baking for fun, but the peanut butter cookies I made last time are still in the freezer.

Even with my parents on vacation, I’m still eating my mom’s food.