When SCHITT’S CREEK started in 2015, it didn’t look like anything I wanted to watch. Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are great, but I’ve never liked Chris Elliott’s comedy, and CBC rarely makes programs I enjoy.

But then a year ago, I saw a TV commercial for the new episode. (I only ever see commercials at my parents’s house, where I can’t skip them.) SCHITT’S CREEK looked like a different show. One of the characters had opened a general store (literally my dream!). And the guy who seemed to be his business partner had an acoustic guitar.

Suddenly this seemed like something I wanted to watch.

I was also lucky that the first three seasons had just gone up on Netflix. Then I caught up with season four on CBC. Apparently that guy with the guitar wasn’t just his business partner, but also his boyfriend!

This show is telling the most wholesome and positive queer love story I’ve seen on TV or in a film. There is casual kissing and playful banter, loving families and supportive friends, arguments and disagreements and setbacks, but always happy endings.

While David has been queer from the beginning, Patrick—a new character in season three—has had a more circuitous path. He came to town to escape an engagement. He started a business with a stranger. He fell in love.

Tonight, he finally came out to his parents. Everything was OK.

This show makes me happier than I thought was possible. It started as a typical sitcom, but the mission today, when a lot of us need it most, is to create a world where everything and everyone is OK and there are always happy endings.