1. I have a thousand plus playlist of music videos on YouTube which I put on when I need some of that listening-to-the-radio-in-high-school energy.

  2. At a Girl Guide camp, I performed a “Two Princes” karaoke in cosplay as the leader singer. In the video, he wears hiking boots, jeans, Aran sweater, toque, which are, coincidentally, all things we wear at Guide camp in BC.

  3. I actually enjoy watching media on my phone, but the first time I made the time to watch the “emotion picture” Janelle Monáe created for DIRTY COMPUTER was on my parents’s big TV screen. A very good decision.

  4. I’ve probably heard Queen songs more than any other band. Wait, maybe The Beatles.

  5. The cats don’t care if I flub the words. I can sing as loud as I want. But I can never decide if I should sing the lead or backup parts.