It doesn’t roll off the tongue like GBBO, but today, I had an audition for GCBS: the Great Canadian Baking Show. I had actually never watched either one before I applied. Cooking competitions aren’t fun for me; I’m always seeing the mistakes people make. So if I think I can do it, why not find out?

I saw the call for applications on CBC, and I went looking, first just curious about the kinds of questions they asked. I managed to fill out the whole thing on my phone on the couch, finding a photo of my butter tarts from Christmas in an old chat (I had recently backed up and cleared off my phone).

They called me a week later. Today, I baked.

We had to bring our “signature bake” (I brought a sourdough braided loaf), and then we would have to bake something on the spot. I’m not allowed to talk about the latter—not until all the cities have baked the same test.

Even a year ago, I didn’t think I was good enough to apply. But I’m in such a better place now that I can enjoy this as a fun day of baking in a professional kitchen, eating some delicious cakes, talking with different kinds of bakers.

Even if this day is as far as I get.