Before I learned to like coffee, my café drink was a London Fog. That’s Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup.

I can’t drink coffee past noon. Too often, I’ve ordered it with dinner at a restaurant, and too often, I’ve gone sleepless in bed at night. It’s a difficult lesson, but it must be accepted. All my life, my parents have drunk coffee in the morning and tea at night—now I know why.

The Starbucks London Fog, though, is not good. The steamed milk is perfect, the brand of tea is fine, but they use far too much sugar for my liking. I order it with a single pump of vanilla syrup, but even then.

Recently, I’ve experimented with making the drink at home. I love steamed milk (I love milk), but I don’t have an espresso machine, and no frothing utensil has ever worked the way I want it to. I don’t have a microwave either, so here’s how I make a London Fog.

Boil water. Steep tea in teapot. Heat milk on stove. Pour into wide mouth mug. Froth with immersion blender. Add a splash of vanilla. Pour tea into milk to fill the mug.

I use Twinnings Earl Grey. I’ve had success with most milks; 1% and unsweetened soy are my usual. A vanilla soy might be good. I use a very large mug and measure about 1/3 milk. It’s just enough that my blender on high doesn’t splash it over the edge. No sugar added is the right amount for me, but if I wanted more, I’d add it to the milk while it heats.