All the years I’ve been doing zines, I’ve been thinking about doing something on a regular schedule. Daily isn’t possible. Weekly was too much. Monthly, too easily forgotten.

When I’ve set myself projects in the past, they’ve worked because anything counts. If anything can be a zine, then a zine is easy to make.

But now I want to do something more. Not a random anything to meet a deadline, but a regular zine with a title, a topic, a schedule.

Time is an important motif in my life. I use it to structure habits, chores, but especially creative projects. The schedule usually comes before the content.

When I set my goal to make a “regular” zine this year, I knew I couldn’t do daily, weekly, or monthly. I knew it would be too much for me, at this moment when nothing in my life feels stable.

I chose spring as my first deadline—the equinox, to be exact. Then the summer solstice, the autumn equinox, the winter solstice. Four zines this year; I can do that.

I still don’t know what I’m going to write, but I have a schedule, and that’s the first step.