I had an iPhone 5 until October, until it just became untenable (it’s my only phone), but I was still feeling so much guilt about putting an iPhone 8 Plus AND AirPods on my credit card. It felt like a luxury I didn’t deserve.

But I also hate doing dishes (I don’t have a dishwasher), and I would frequently let them pile up to, again, untenable levels. Until I started wearing my AirPods and listening to something while I washed dishes. Now I do them every morning, half-asleep so I can’t think too much about how I hate it. This morning, I washed dishes listening to Justin McElroy’s Hatsune Miku impression.

My iPhone and AirPods are still things I really can’t afford, but they’re also important pieces in my mental health strategy, so I’m going to stop feeling guilty. I’m going to enjoy how they let me live my life.

(Also, if you, like me, could never find earbuds that fit and worried that AirPods would constantly fall out: take a chance. I’m amazed every day how they stay in. Turns out, it wasn’t a problem with our ears that had us losing earbuds, but a problem with that long cord between the bud and device. AirPods are fantastic, and I never want to go back.)