This Christmas, I was craving comfort more than usual. I wanted to bake all my childhood favourites, not just the butter tarts and shortbread we make every year, but the puffed wheat squares I haven’t eaten in forever.

If you’ve ever seen puffed wheat in the grocery store, you know it only comes in a giant bag. It’s on the bottom shelf, often a store brand, next to all the other healthy cereals which don’t pay for prime positions. Of course, it’s not healthy once you coat it in sticky chocolate syrup, but puffed wheat is great with milk, too. I love it with sliced bananas (though I think most cereal is good with sliced bananas).

I made the squares at Christmas, then brought the leftovers home. When I was at my parents’s house to watch their cats last weekend, the same bag of puffed wheat was still in the pantry.

So I made the squares again. It’s such a simple recipe, just sugar, corn syrup, cocoa, and butter, brought to a boil, then poured over cereal. Press the mixture into a pan and let it cool. But from simple ingredients come a lifetime of memories.