The real reason I started Art Space at my library is to use all the art supplies and tools I have. Tonight, I brought my typewriter. It’s a prop I’ve used before when I sell at fairs. Each year, the sight of a typewriter becomes more and more of a novelty.

I set it up with an endless stack of dot matrix printer paper, then typed, “what shall we make tonight?” The sound echoed in the metal-roofed room and brought a librarian over to my tables.

“I thought, that sounds like a weird phone,” she said.

People still believe libraries have to be silent places. We remember being shushed as children. But it’s not true anymore. My library has a quiet room with desks and chairs, but in the rest of the space, they want you to enjoy yourself.

In many cities, the library is the last public space where we can gather without spending money. The librarians want you to talk. They want you to find community there.