All those years I was in elementary and high school, never once did it close because of snow. I recall a few days in university when classes were cancelled, but that might have been the individual professor’s call. Snow just never lasts very long here in the Lower Mainland.

Of course, I started elementary school 30 years ago, and our climate has changed.

All the schools in White Rock and Surrey were cancelled today. It was inevitable that my classes would be cancelled, too. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to making my way up the hill in this. And then it started snowing again this afternoon.

I don’t love that I won’t get paid today. But I’m thankful for the reprieve.

I cleaned my stove. I made something like baclava with the dates and phyllo I had in the freezer. I painted my nails pink. I’m very nearly finished reading Sahara by Michael Palin.

While the snow falls outside, his desert adventure is keeping me warm.