If I was smart, I would have a scheduled time for my blog posts. Most often, I write them in bed, on my phone, in the last hour before I go to sleep. Sometimes, I get a good idea early, and I write them in the morning, but only sometimes.

If I was smart, I would’ve written about reading Michael Palin’s Full Circle, his trip around the countries of the Pacific Rim, or about the soup I put together in my crockpot, scavenged out of my nearly bare fridge and cupboards.

If I was smart, I would’ve written early because I knew I was going to be out late, to a comedy dinner theatre show with my family, a Christmas present from my brother and sister-in-law.

But when it comes to real life practical stuff, I’m not actually that smart. So I’m writing this post in bed, on my phone, as the last minutes of the day tick down, because I’ve been blogging every day since December 29, and I don’t want to lose my streak.