I woke up yesterday morning at 2am, which isn’t, in and of itself, unusual. I don’t have insomnia, but I have never had a healthy sleep schedule. When I woke up yesterday, I knew immediately I was sick.

It’s annoying because this was the first flu season I got the shot. But when you work in close quarters with young children, you are never safe.

I had to get up to go to therapy, then I had lunch, but instead of doing any more errands, I came home to try and sleep more. Early on, it was a sore throat and stuffed up nose, but later came the fever, chills, and aches which separate cold from flu.

I had an awful night. But when I woke up today, the fever had already broke. Less than 24 hours.

All the cold symptoms remain, I still feel like crap, but this isn’t the flu anymore. Gotta be grateful for the little things.