One of my 2019 goals is to get rid of half my stuff. Except for my books, I’m basically done. Just a few more boxes to go to the thrift shop.

While I’m reading The Bible and another Walt Whitman monograph, I’ve also been picking out the short books that I know I can finish in a day. I’ve spent a lifetime building this collection; I want to winnow it down to a single bookcase by the end of the year. And it might happen.

What’s changed is my need to save books after I’ve read them. References aren’t necessary like they were before ubiquitous internet. If I don’t love it enough to reread, it can go. (Even then, my library is very good.)

What’s changed is priorities: achievements over possessions. I feel better after reading the book than I did just seeing it on my shelf. That seems obvious, but I had to learn this for myself.

Stuff doesn’t prove anything. I have to do that by myself.