On Saturday, I finished reorganising my bookshelves, sorting out what needs to be donated, and packed away other stuff into my closet. My living room is tidy for maybe the first time since I moved into this place four years ago.

I love it. I have a new-to-me drafting table which I got for free when my community centre was clearing out the art rooms. I’ve had this desk for a year, but I’m only now figuring out how I can use it.

My goal to get rid of half my stuff this year is going well. I’ve taken five boxes to the thrift shop; I have at least that many more to go.

I took all the art off the walls and shelves and only put up a few new pieces. I’m hoping it helps to keep my mind calm. I’m already feeling better. So I moved my phone charger from beside my bed and out to the living room. Then I went to bed at 9 to read. (I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to get through Genesis. The Bible is a slog.)

I was ready to sleep, get a good start on the week, when I remembered I hadn’t written a blog post yet.

So I brought my phone to bed after all. But tomorrow, I’ll try this routine again.