When I was at the grocery store, I really wanted a pork butt to make pulled pork. But I couldn’t find the right cut. I did find pork hocks (not ham, not smoked), which are cheap, so I thought I’d try them out.

Before I left to stay at my parents’s house over the holidays, I cleaned out my fridge. All that was in there when I came home went into my crockpot with one pork hock and the last of some dried adzuki beans I soaked overnight. The last bits of all the bottles on my condiment shelf went in: ketchup, cucumber relish, barbecue sauce, Dijon mustard.

From my spice cupboard: bay leaves, dried onion, summer savoury. Fill the pot with water until everything is covered, then leave it for a day.

I really had no idea how the pork would cook. It had the fat and rind, and the meat underneath was slightly tough. I might’ve cooked it too long.

But from this experiment, I made an excellent soup. After leaving the beans and stock to cool in the fridge, I skimmed the fat, then blended everything with my immersion blender. I used a cup of stock plus water to cook some basmati rice. In the rest of the stock, I cooked some frozen spinach and peas. I chopped the pork, added the rice, and salt to taste.

This soup took nearly all week to make, but the actual work was minimal, and it’ll last me for dinners into next week.

Still want that pulled pork though.