I tried to leave the house today; I really tried. I carried a bag and a box to the thrift shop with the plan to go to Starbucks and write or draw for a bit. (The weather was cold and windy today, so no chance of a hike, but it was better than the freezing rain we had yesterday.)

It wasn’t until I left the shop I realised I had left my phone at home, plugged in beside my bed. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. I can live without my phone. I have a plan with no data, so I live without my phone often when I’m out.

But my Starbucks card is on my phone. That’s actually the one thing I really need my phone for.

So I turned around and headed home. And since I was there, and it was noon, I had lunch, finished my book, rearranged some more shelves, watched the Mark Twain documentary on PBS.

I tried to leave the house today.