I didn’t want to make too many reading goals this year. In 2018, I tried to read all of Virginia Woolf, but had to give us when I felt my depression worsening with her own.

My goals are simpler. No complete catalogues. No promises to write books in reaction or even reviews. I’ve only promised myself I’ll keep to the books I already own.

I’m onto the last book of Narnia, appropriately titled, The Last Battle.

The second epic I was considering near the end of last year was The Bible. I have a hardcover I took from a hotel more than 20 years ago. (Maybe when we went to Disneyland?) It’s one of those things on the list of western canon that I’ve long assumed I’ll get to one day.

But it was only the other day when I realised how perfect these two books are, read one after the other, especially at the start of a new year. The stories of god-like creatures protecting their worlds full of talking animals. Perhaps that’s even how C.S. Lewis meant them to be read.