I’ve had a lazy start to 2019, so last night, I set out clothes with the plan to go for a walk (maybe run) first thing. That didn’t happen.

Mornings are difficult for me. I enjoy sleeping and being warm. Leaving the house in winter is challenge enough without adding 6am. Besides, I’m deep into Narnia now. I finished Silver Chair before I got out of bed, and I might finish Horse and His Boy before I go to sleep.

I didn’t get out this morning, but I did get dressed in those workout clothes. I did yoga as my kettle boiled. I sorted my closets, drawers, cupboards, and I organised a bunch of bags to take to the thrift shop.

I did a lot today. I did finally make it outside into the cold (wind, but no rain). I didn’t run, but I made a good start on 2019.