Last year’s word was FOCUS. I did pretty good with that. The first half of the year is blurred in my memory (we had a Winter Olympics in February?!?) but then I started brain meds in April and made some things happen.

I travelled to California to see friends. I made a zine-type thing every day in August. I went to XOXO in September, and I started blogging again. I sold my art at a show in Eugene, Oregon.

That might read like a lot of different things, but the FOCUS was me. Me doing the things I want to be doing, but always tell myself I can’t.

Even at XOXO, when someone suggested I apply for the zine show they help with in their town, I said, “Maybe next year. I can’t afford it.” I said no because I always say no. No is easy.

Then I got home from XOXO, and I just felt so good, I said yes. I did the thing, even though I didn’t think I would be accepted, and I had no idea how to pay for it. Yes was easier than I thought.

I put my FOCUS on zines and blog posts and tiny steps forward. I put my attention on me, where it needs to be.

In 2019, I’m not abandoning that word. I’m carrying it with me. I’m going to BUILD on my FOCUS.