The December 20th storm was officially the worst storm in history, when measured by houses that lost power. I didn’t know that when I was walking home that night, of course, but I remember the wind. It nearly blew me off my feet more than once.

The last few days have seen some sun and blue sky, but not today. It started out grey, then it rained, and then it got dark. I was thinking about heading home, but nobody wants to drive in this weather. Tomorrow.

I gripe more about the weather on days I have to deal with it. Staying at my parents’s house, not working, no obligations—it’s easy to watch the weather from this side of the window. It doesn’t make me feel good, but I feel less like I’m stuck. I feel less like I’m wasting time.

I made peanut butter cookies with the peanut butter we have leftover from making Muddy Buddies (it’s not the kind of peanut butter we eat on toast).

I set up my notebooks with a new monthly calendar and a dedicated book for a daily log. I want to have good things to show my psychiatrist in February.