It was snowing when I got up this morning, the kind of snow we get here in the Pacific Northwest that’s really just chunky rain. It didn’t last. It didn’t stick. The rest of the day was grey. We spent it inside. I finished book #2 of NARNIA.

My new year won’t really start until I go home. I’m still sleeping in someone else’s bed, reading someone else’s books. Until I’m back in my own space, I can’t do my own thing.

My parents watch too many hours of news every day. Not FoxNews-level bad, but too much for me. Too loud, because my mom is half-deaf. I can’t escape it even in my closed bedroom down the hall. I took two naps today—I was tired on two levels today.

I don’t love starting a new year with the word “tired” in the URL, but the way to make blogging a daily habit is to write about everything. This blog has no theme. It is only my life. And today, I’m tired.