This morning, I packed my bags and after work, my dad picked me up. We stopped to buy a tree, and my parents’s house was decorated when I arrived. It’s starting to feel like Christmas.

Though I’ve lived in my place for almost four years, I don’t keep Christmas decorations there. I don’t bother with a tree because all the celebrations happen here, at my parents’s house. I’ll be here until at least Boxing Day. I’m only working Thursday next week, so I might just stay until the new year.

I barely even listened to Christmas music. The holidays seemed to come so fast. I don’t know what happened to December. In ten days, I’ll be 37.

But I’m here now. I had one of my grandma’s macadamia nut cookies. We made our list of baking and planned the Christmas Day meals. Tomorrow, I’ll make butter tarts.

And then I’ll be ready for Christmas.