18 Good Things In 2018

  1. A summer trip to Palm Springs with my favourite people

  2. Disneyland for the first time since 1997

  3. Antidepressants

  4. And how they’ve brought back my ability to read books

  5. Getting to experience XOXO for the first time with the generous subsidy of a free ticket

  6. And the Slack community which comes with that membership

  7. Upgrading from my iPhone 5 to an 8 Plus with AirPods

  8. Making a zine a day in August

  9. Then selling them at my first zinefest in Eugene, OR

  10. Hawaii 5-O

  11. Giving up jeans for leggings and dresses all the time

  12. My endlessly curious students (even when they refuse to do their work)

  13. Daily conversations in the morning with an English language learner whom I now consider a friend

  14. The McElroy Brothers

  15. Rediscovering my favourite music because I’m finally transferring it from CD to digital

  16. The NYT crossword-a-day calendar

  17. Passing the written driving test so I can work towards passing the road test again

  18. Harry Styles, live and online