1. Yesterday, I read Marat/Sade. Today, David’s painting of Marat’s death is a clue in the crossword.

  2. As I think ahead to 2019, I’m making a list of 19 things to do. Sadly, a lot of them are holdovers from 2018’s list. But slow and steady.

  3. I love the story I’m writing so much. This is a rare feeling for me, so I’m holding on perhaps a little too tightly.

  4. Lunch this afternoon was the last of a loaf of bread, diced up and pretty stale, fried in a pan with oil and tofu, then scrambled with two eggs. If I had some green herbs, it would’ve been perfect.

  5. I haven’t been out of the house much recently, only long enough to walk to work and home. The weather has me reluctantly to leave early, and besides, it’s cheaper to eat at home.

  6. This is not a list with a theme. Except it’s about today. This is not a listicle. Five years ago, these would’ve been tweets. Together, they make an old fashioned blog post.