1. I put down THE PERILOUS TRADE tonight after the chapter about small regional presses which popped up in the last ‘60s and early ‘70s. As heartening as it is to read about the founder of Fiddlehead running the press out of his university office, as a side project on his professor’s salary, I’m not sure it can still work like that.
  2. There’s a Heidelberg printing press on Craigslist right now. It’s big. It’s $3500. But omg I want it so much. My 5year plan is still the same: a shop where I can sell, show, and teach. A press would be a good addition to make the more profitable products, like invitations and business cards to subsidize the art.
  3. I know I have to have patience, though. I have to work with what I already have. Sell more online, apply for more shows, make more art. Focus was my word for 2018; I think Build will be my word for next year.
  4. I made bread dough this morning, then cheese pizza this afternoon. Being able to do that whenever I want makes my life better. With the dried out heels of last week’s loaf, I made toasted bread crumbs for tonight’s pasta. When I catch myself worrying about how I’ll never make anything successful, I go back to what makes me happy.