The first day with a 0% chance of rain in what feels like a month, so I celebrated with a walk around the Seawall. I’ve been cooped up too long. Though I say I love the rain, I don’t love this bucketing down, cold to the bone, ominous grey sky rain. I like the kind of rain where I can wear regular shoes, and I need sunglasses.

Vancouver got sunshine and white fluffy clouds today. Cold, but I didn’t need hat, scarf, gloves. I walked from Waterfront Station to Yaletown station, four hours, with short breaks. (I started reading a library book, but quickly realised it wasn’t good enough to finish.)

This wasn’t just a trip to get me outdoors and moving; it was also research. I’m planning a middle-grade novel set in Stanley Park. When I thought about a structure on which to hang a story, I thought about what can happen to a person over the course of a long hike. My novel outline, so far, is sending my character on a walk on the Seawall, then throwing a bunch obstacles (physical and metaphorical) in her way.

I also love the idea of writing a super-local book. Another library book on my “to read” stack is a history of post-war Canadian publishing, and I’ve been thinking about making next year’s zine project all Canadian topics.

We are what we can’t shut up about, so I might as well embrace it and make it my ~brand.