Wednesday is my day off, and it rained from morning until night. It’s still raining now.

I spent some of today finishing Christopher Milne’s autobiography. He wrote it in his 50s, an attempt to lay Christopher Robin to rest for good. Yet, for all his protests, he seems to have been very much the character his father wrote. Just as fussy and upper crust as you might imagine.

I spent the rest of today experimenting with a monthly zine form in Pages. When I do my daily or weekly projects, it’s always with enough freedom so anything counts. My goal is only to make a thing on a deadline.

But I’ve long wanted to create something regular. A thing with a deadline and a form and a single title. More magazine than zine.

My period started today, so I thought it would be cheeky to call it “Mensuelle” (the French adjective for “monthly”) and set my deadline to my cycle. (I can do that now that I’m taking birth control and regular for the first time in my life.)

I made a masthead (set in a big red dot), and I wrote a few paragraphs, but I’m gonna have to think some more on this idea. I don’t know yet how it’s different from just writing a blog. I’m already doing this, and have been, every day since September.

A magazine has to be more. It has to be worth it.